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about ethnicraft®

  • Ethnicraft® today

    International renowned company

    Ethnicraft is an international company with sales offices in Belgium, France, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong. It manages 4 production sites with more than 2,000 employees in Indonesia, Vietnam and Serbia. Ethnicraft products are distributed by 1,200 furniture retailers in more than 50 countries across the globe.

    High quality handmade furniture

    Ethnicraft's reputation is based on the high quality of its durable home furniture. Ethnicraft manages its own production chain to ensure quality remains uncompromised.

    Solid teak wood

    Ethnicraft uses reclaimed and plantation teak wood from Java in Indonesia. Teak is a dense hardwood with high natural oil content, naturally repelling moisture. No other wood shares teak's exceptional strength and durability. Ethnicraft solid teak wood furniture will last forever and can be passed on from generation to generation.

    Timeless & Contemporary design

    Ethnicraft's foundation is built upon the design principle of form follows function. With its simplistic, authentic and functional design, Ethnicraft furniture serves as a timeless addition to any space.

    Natural look

    The inherent qualities of Ethnicraft's teak – the texture, color, grain and knots found in solid wood – ensure each piece of furniture is unique.

    Sophistication in every detail

    Ethnicraft's in-house development team is focused on every detail, continuously researching various techniques in working with solid wood and the possibility to combine wood with other materials.

    Respect for the environment

    Wood is the base of all Ethnicraft products. Ethnicraft takes responsibilities to the environment seriously, ensuring all processes related to sourcing, production and distribution of products are sustainable. Ethnicraft takes action to maximise energy efficiency and reduce wastage.

    Respect for society

    Ethnicraft provides a harmonious working environment, adhering to the highest ethical standards. Throughout all its facilities, Ethnicraft ensures safe working conditions and a healthy work-life balance. As a result, Ethnicraft is able to maintain its know-how and craftsmanship in-house thanks to a loyal employee base.

  • 2004Ethnicraft®, a brand

    The brand, Ethnicraft® Emorational® wooden furniture, is created. Emorational® is a combination of "emotional" and "rational". That is what the Ethnicraft collection is all about. The rationality of the collection lies in the functionality, simplicity and quality of the furniture. The furniture also evokes a sense of emotion, by the warmth and naturalness of the core material, solid wood.

  • 2000Own production unit

    Driven by the phenomenal success and the rapidly increasing demand of certain collections, a production unit is set up in Tegal in Indonesia allowing Ethnicraft to increase its capacity and quality control.

  • 1997Designing the first collections

    Pioneer in solid teak manufacturing, Ethnicraft starts to design and produce its first collections reflecting the essential values of Ethnicraft that are still applicable today: innovative, authentic & contemporary.

  • 1996Wholesale

    After their first successful retail experience, the two entrepreneurs start to import and sell teak furniture on a larger scale from their warehouse in Belgium. Ethnicraft grows rapidly from a few retailers to a broad retail network.

  • 1995A small retail shop

    During their trip around the world, two young Belgian entrepreneurs discover the beauty of ethnic Asian teak furniture and decorative objects. They decide to sell a selection of more than 100 items to friends & acquaintances after their trip. The response was much better than expected as all the items were sold in a couple of hours. Ethnicraft is born…

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